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Patch 3.1 Overview

This list could change before the release of Patch 3.1

  • Rebirth
    • The Rebirth System will have players being a new leveling process which will increase their attributes each time they achieve a new Rebirth Level. Obtaining the quest from Rebirth Master Xing Qigang will give the players a special experience absorption flask that they will be required to fill. Once the flask is filled they will be given an item and the Rebirth Quest will automatically proceed to level you up granting you your 1st Rebirth Level Charm.
    • Between levels or parts of the rebirth quest there will be a slight pause before it proceeds to the next part. This system is designed for automation. The absorption buff is applied automatically so you can continue earning experience.
    • As you being your Rebirth leveling you'll earn levels fairly easily but they will become harder the more you level.
    • Main attributes which are Maximum Health and Mana, Attack and Defense will increase with each Rebirth Level.
    • Attributes such as Spirit, Movement Speed, Critical, Hit, Dodge, Armor and Damage will only increase at set intervals.
  • Level 100 Fashion Upgrades
    • The new tailoring patterns will not be craftable upon release but will be in the following weeks of this patch.
    • Tailors will be able to craft a Item Mall Fashion Upgrade Token [E] and Tailor Fashion Upgrade Token [Hun] which will be used along with some other materials to upgrade your fashions.
  • Guardian Pet Upgrades
    • Inscriptionist will be able to create Guardian Pet Upgrade Stone and Guardian Pet Fusing Orb which will be used in the process of upgrading and fusing pets.
  • Rank 3 Professions
    • Players will be able to start a quest which will allow them to work on obtaining Rank 3 Skill Books.
    • Players will have to complete a quest in the Heroic version of The Cathedral of Eternal Temptation along with purchasing a unique item which is purchased with Profession Reputation.
    • Once a player has obtained their Rank 3 Profession Skill Book they will have access to the Profession Supplies NPC for their profession. Items can be purchased that are useful for their profession with Apexis Crystals and Profession Reputation.
  • New Dungeon - The Cathedral of Eternal Temptation
    • Will open with Normal, Heroic and Mythic Difficulty.

Other updates that will be coming soon after this patch:

  • New Tailoring Fashions Craftable
  • Mount, Loot Pet, Transformation Upgrades
  • Lottery Agent
  • Updates to Disenchanting for newer equipment
  • Endurance System
  • Travelling Trader
  • Mythic+
  • Cooking Profession
  • And More!