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Profession Overview Guide

Written By: Penryn

Professions are new content available with the Seven Deadly Sins Expansion that you can start working on once you reach level 85.

There are 5 Professions in total: Cooking, Enchanting, Tailoring, Inscription and Alchemy. Cooking is a common profession that everyone will be able to do (not available at this time). The other 4 are unique in their way and you can choose only one on a toon.

Once you have picked a profession you can't change it. There's a tutorial quest in Choujiatan that you'll have to take from Profession Master Zhuan Jin to get the profession you'd like.

After you completed the quest and chose the profession, you'll obtain a skill book in your inventory which will allow you to craft various items.


Cooks can craft various "dishes" that can restore health and mana and/or give you different stats.
[Currently not available in game]


Tailors are experts in crafting fashion patterns and dyes. Those are used to craft self-made fashion and pick the color of it that suits your style.


Enchanters can craft effects that are required to craft gears starting from level 85 going all the way up to 100 (90/95). There are different effects for each type of gear (weapon/armor) so you can customize it however you'd like.


An Inscriptionist can craft emblems that will replace the battle charms. These emblems give various stats, but you can only use once at a time. They can also craft numerous new trinkets, rings, and necklaces.


Alchemists are experts in pot making. They can craft various hp/mp balms that can give % hp/mp, potions that give hp/mp over an amount of time and various potions/flasks that can give stats for a certain period.

Work Orders

Once you chose your profession you can start placing work orders. Placing work orders is a method to obtain specific profession materials. To place a work order, you'll have to exchange some collection/crafting materials to the Work Orders NPC.

While placing the work order you'll be able to choose the amount of time you want those orders to be done. The longer you wait for the work orders to be done the more profession materials you'll get, but also the required materials will also increase. You can also opt to place instant work orders with gold or rush tokens.

Placing work orders with gold requires you to trade 500 gold to the NPC and you'll get 10 work orders worth of materials instantly. Rush tokens will give you materials worth of 5 work orders.

Work orders are also the way to gain Profession Reputation which you'll need to upgrade your Skill Book.

Profession Materials

Profession materials are new crafting materials specific for each profession. You can obtain them through work orders or from the Supplies NPC from each profession and a few that you can acquire by killing bosses in Miren Valley and Taijiang Garden. They can also be crafted using various collection/crafting materials.

The common material for each profession is Triusium. It is required to craft all the items apart from the profession materials. You can obtain it in a lot of ways like work orders, world quests and by disenchanting trinkets, rings, necklace and level 80 refined gear (class armor, divine weapons, divine gear only).

Proof of Crafting Quest

You'll get a quest after you chose a profession which will make you craft some items from the skill book. Once it has been completed you'll be able to obtain the 2nd and the 3rd book if you have the required rep for them. These books will have the same items (except enchanting), but they'll require fewer materials to craft them. Enchanters will be able to craft higher-level items.