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Rebirth Guide

Written By: Admin-Edenost

Rebirth is a new system that provides players who've reached Level 100 with an extended progression system. Rebirth has a set maximum of 6,000 Levels. Each Rebirth Level will give players a Rebirth Charm which applies a buff to your character increases your attributes. Maximum Health, Maximum Mana, Attack and Defense are the only attributes that increase with each Rebirth Level. Critical, Dodge, Armor and Damage increases every 3 Levels. Spirit increases every 20 Levels. Movement Speed increases every 30 Levels. Hit increases every 60 Levels.

Once a player has reached Rebirth Level 6,000 the Rebirth Charm will grant the following attributes:

  • Maximum Health: 12,000
  • Maximum Mana: 12,000
  • Attack: 6,000
  • Defense: 6,000
  • Spirit: 300
  • Movement Speed: 200
  • Hit: 100
  • Critical: 2000
  • Dodge: 2000
  • Damage: 2000
  • Armor: 2000
    • These values if needed will be adjusted.

As soon as a player reaches Level 100 they can obtain the Rebirth Quest from Rebirth Master Xing Qigang in Choujiatan.

When you accept the Rebirth Quest you will automatically receive a Rebirth Experience Absorption Flask that will require you to fill with experience. The quest will also apply the buff for absorping the experience automatically. This allows players to continously gain experience without the need of applying the buff after gaining a Rebirth Level. There is a chance that while grinding the buff could be removed as with any other type of experience absorption item. Experience Charms can't be used with the Rebirth Experience Absorption Flask.

Players can also gain experience using Qigong and Qigong Experience Charms with online training only. The Rebirth Quest will automatically progress if you fill a Rebirth Experience Absorption Flask during Qigong Training.

Higher difficulty content such as Mythic+ will have monsters and bosses that award higher values of experience.

Rebirth Experience required gradually increases in set intervals:

  • 1-49: 250k Experience
  • 50-99: 500k Experience
  • 100-499: 1m Experience
  • 500-999: 2m Experience
  • 1000-1999: 3m Experience
  • 2000-2999: 4m Experience
  • 3000-3999: 5m Experience
  • 4000-6000: 10m Experience

Once a Rebirth Experience Absorption Flask is filled it will turn into a Rebirth Experience Gem , you will also get notification that you've leveled. The quest will progress after a moment automatically. Make sure the Rebirth Experience Gem and Rebirth Charm (if you're at Rebirth Level 1 or higher) is in your bags for the quest to progress. Once the quest progresses you'll be awarded the next Rebirth Charm and a new Rebirth Experience Absorption Flask which has the buff applied automatically so you can continue without interruption. The Rebirth Charm buff is not applied automatically.

The Rebirth System is not put in place as a race to actually reaching the Rebirth Level Limit but as a means of continued progression while playing which is why the experience required increases as you progress.

If a player cancels the quest you will have to start from the beginning under normal circumstances.

Rebirth will reset after a new expansion has been released.