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VIP Service

The VIP Service gives you daily rewards as long as the service is active. A VIP Service is only active for the character selected but can be purchased for additional characters.

You do not have to log into the game to receive your daily VIP Satchel. VIP Satchels have no expiration and will be there when you log a toon back in. The VIP Satchel is bound.

What you get in the VIP Satchel:

  • 1,000,000 Coins
  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Triusium
  • 1 Rush Order Token
  • 500 Apexis Crystals
  • 2 World Quest Tokens

Your first VIP Satchel is sent after your VIP Service is activated and then each day after you will receive a VIP Satchel that is sent at 12am server time. This will only appear after you have relogged the character if it was currently online at the time of daily reset.

You can't purchase additional time for a character until the VIP Service has expired.

Purchasing multiple months at one time has an overall reduced cost over paying monthly.

You can check which toons on your account have active VIP Service and how many days are left on the account management home page.

Access your account on here to purchase a VIP Service today!

Purchase VIP Service