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Master Relic Guide

Written By: Penryn

Once a player reaches level 80 they're able to start the process of obtaining their Master Relic. To being this quest you need to go to Jingchuan and speak to the Relic Power Exchange NPC to start your quest.

Once you've obtain the quest you will be told to kill 11 bosses in order to obtain relic fragments. In the images below you'll see where each boss is located. The last one will be Lord of Fate which is located in Fate Dungeon

Once you killed all of them and give in the quest, you'll have to go to your class master in Jingchuan, he/she will lead you in Decaying Forest to kill the Consumer of Life to obtain the Thaumaturgical Orb of Life.

After you've got the orb, you'll have to return back to the master and after you gave in the quest and wait a few minutes you'll get the relic. In order to upgrade it you'll have to collect relic tokens which can be exchanged for Relic reputation. You can also do a school quest for the reputation. The quest can be done as many times you want in a day. This type of upgrade can be done until your relic reaches rank 50. In order to upgrade it you'll need to buy Relic Power Tokens from Relic Power Exchange NPC in Jingchuan that costs 1000 Relic reputation.

The upgrade itself can be done at the Relic Master Liu Zexian in Choujiatan. You can upgrade the relic further than rank 50 once you hit 100. In order to do that you'll need Enchanted Relic Tokens which can be acquired one each day or can be bought with gold from Relic Apprentice Fu Fen in Choujiatan. You can also get it with World reputation from the World Reputation Vendor.